Sims Township (Arenac, MI)


Township Ordinances

Important Information


Implement a $35 charge for new and renewed LUP (land use Permit)

Implement a $100 fine for beginning construction without a valid Land Use Permit

The time period of 6 Months changed from the 1 year for land use permit time length

Storage shipping containers (Intermodal Container) will not be allowed in residential areas as accessory buildings
– The use of portable toilets for an extended period of time is outlined in the following verbiage; portable Toilets

Every building or structure employed in whole or in part for human occupancy or frequency shall be provided with a safe and sanitary water supply, and a method of sewage and waste disposal, each erected and maintained in accordance with the standards of material and installation recommended by the Michigan Dept. of Health.

The use of privies and other outside toilet facilities is prohibited.

Portable toilets may be permitted for a period of time not to exceed (10) ten days per location for special events.

Portable toilets may be permitted on construction sites. The portable toilet must be pumped and sanitized a minimum of once (1) weekly so as to maintain the toilet in a healthy and environmentally safe condition. Permanent of any such toilet shall be prohibited.

The use of a portable toilet for seasonal business use may be allowed upon the approval of the zoning administrator

Portable Toilet Definition is as follows: A portable or mobile toilet is any type of toilet that can be moved around, some by one person, some by mechanical equipment

Some portable toilets can be carried by one person, Whereas Others need heavy equipment such as a truck or crane

New Resolution 2024-3 New Transfer Station Fees